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At Termite Reticulation Systems - we supply and install the Altis Termite Reticulation Systems Simple, cost effective, tested and proven the Altis Termite Reticulation System is a unique patented chemical delivery system which uses reticulation principles to deter termite attack to buildings.

The Altis system was developed here in Perth and is the most efficient Termite Reticulation System, termite control method in the world. We believe this is one of the most flexible and adaptable reticulation systems available. This system is easy to install, attracts low installation costs and is ideally suited for upgrading existing domestic and post domestic/commercial construction termite management programs as well as pre-construction and renovation termite work.

The Altis Termite Reticulation System is an Australian invention and was patented in Perth Western Australia. It was the first reticulation system approved by the NRA and the first reticulation system to be included on a chemical label. Altis Termite Reticulation System has been one of the first reticulation systems to obtain Code mark approval. 

Code Mark Accreditation (CSIRO) which simply means a Code Mark product must last 50 years +, 

in any building in Australia as a termite barrier product.

Benefits of the Reticulated Termite Rechargeable System Over Traditional Liquid Termiticide Barriers
  • It is suitable for both pre and post construction and existing buildings/properties

  • A replenishable Termite Management System that is quickly and easily installed, pumped up and recharged at a later date by one of our affiliated licenced technicians

  • System is re-injected periodically (when required chemicals do breakdown over a period of time) not annually.

  • A long term, cost effective alternative to other forms of Termite Management

  • Whole of Home Protection for the 'Life of the Building' (system maintenance conditions apply)

  • Provides 'Whole of Home' protection and not structural timbers only

  • Is a Primary Termite Management System and not just a secondary Termite Management System

  • Has the necessary ABCB Certification and/or CSIRO Approvals. Which has now been superseded with the new Codemark system which Altis has proudly achieved.

  • Eliminates exposure & disruption to site contractors, the home owners/tenants when termiticides are applied or reapplied

  • Eliminates EPA concerns in relation to potential spray drift during termiticide application.

  • Reticulation systems provide a perfect partner with new environmentally acceptable termite control agents available today to minimize impact of the total system on the environment.


These systems are based on providing a contained system of termite control within the footprint of the house. In addition, as new termite control agents are developed which are even more acceptable in the environment, reticulation systems are capable of delivering these new products throughout the life of the home/commercial property.

Approved reticulation systems offer the capability for accurate control of termite control agents into the underslab and perimeter of a existing/new home/commercial property.

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Images of Altis pump up stations - do you have one of these on your property and ever wondered what it was for?

We can check and replenish the system for you with one of our licenced technicians.

Below is an image of the heart of the Altis Reticulation System the emitters. Use of emitters ensures no grit, roots from vegetation, or other form of intrusion is possible to clog the pipe and render it ineffective. 

The unique, patented difference in the Altis system is that the pipes are laid over perforated plastic membrane, beneath the builder’s membrane. In this way chemical is distributed evenly and does not risk an untreated area which may allow opportunities for termites to enter

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